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Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche (v.o.)
Affidabilita' e tecniche di progettazione sicura
Microsistemi progettazione e affidabilita'

Ufficio: S. Niccolo' Stanza 213
Telefono: +390577234850 1042
Email: mugnainidiiunisiit
Homepage: http://www.dii.unisi.it/~mugnaini/
Ricevimento Studenti:


Ph.D. Engineer, Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. - General Electric Group.
I was employed in research activities related to complex system reliability and performance analysis of high speed transmitting connector data. In GE Oil & Gas/RAMS I was engaged in problem-analysis of Life Cycle Costs (LCC) for centrifugal compressors, maintenance programs and design of machine reliability and availability. I have also engaged researches into thermo-elements reliability assessment for the temperature monitoring in main journal bearings and thrust bearings of the above-mentioned machines. I also collaborated in the design of S.I.L. software related to the application of the following standards: IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.

Assistant Professor for courses "Quality and Reliability Supervision" and "Diagnostic Measurements" with the University of Florence. I have also conducted seminars within the courses of "Electronic Measurements," "Laboratory of Electronics and Automatic Measurements," held at the University of Siena in 2002.

Teacher and Consultant for CETACE, Magnetek S.p.A., Astrid Energy Enterprises S.p.A. and IFOA relating to areas of reliability for electronics and mechanics.


University of Florence, degree in Electronic Engineering mark 110/110 cum laude.
Thesis "Non linear controls for periodical systems." During the degree course I specialised in aspects related to automatic linear and non-linear controls of electronic measurements and essentially to the reliability, availability and quality of simply and complex systems both electronic and mechanical.

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